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Co-Founder & Director 


Preeti Darbari founded PR Square Investment in 2016 with Mr. Rahul Darbari with with the goal of generating absolute returns using liquid Asian fixed income instruments in the FX, Interest Rates, Equity Derivatives, Credit markets and real estate derivatives.

Over 15+ years of business experience in Australia ,New Zealand ,India & Singapore in the areas of lending, property acquisition, business development and sales roles. Preeti started her real-estate journey in 2006 Singapore after that she has made 36 transactions in 4 countries her wise decisions and strategic implementations are assets of PR Square Investment. 


An experienced trader with more than 15 years of experience in trading focusing on derivatives, Have traded FX and Equity Derivatives extensively. Consistent and Reliable P/L producer with low volatility .
An experienced Banking Professional with in-depth knowledge of Global Markets, Financial Products, Regulations (BASEL III), Compliance and Key Changes effecting the industry. Has led teams with diverse backgrounds, cultures across geographies to deliver on tight budgets and schedules. Ability to work with cross-functional teams and achieve the desired outcome.
An active investor with interests in developed markets of Australia ,US, UK, Europe, New Zealand, Singapore, Greater China and emerging markets like India. Interested in working with futuristic businesses and drive transformational results that make a positive impact to all stakeholders.

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